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 RF Com are a UK based supplier of quality RF and Microwave Components. These include a wide range of Coaxial and Waveguide products from RF Adaptors to Microwave Amplifiers and Subsystems.

RF Com was established in the UK in 2000 and since then has built a strong team of suppliers who design and manufacture quality products for all sectors of the RF and Microwave industry, including Military, Aerospace, Communications, Education and Research and Development. Our range of products from RF to Microwave and Millimeter includes Microwave Amplifiers, Switches, Detectors, Limiters, Attenuators and many more passive and active devices as well as integrated products.

We are pleased to offer RF and Microwave components from leading edge designers located around the world, this includes UK, US, Russia, Sweden, Korea and China.

Whatever RF and Microwave Components you are trying to source whether it be a standard Coaxial device through to a Microwave Amplifier Assembly, please let us use our experience to help you make the best choice.