Microwave Education

SpectraTronix c700

The SpectraTronix C700 is a revolutionary modular platform for Education and Research, it allows Researchers, Educators and Students to explore different aspects of various RF and Microwave Systems.

The C700 is 100% modular allowing you to Build and Prototype complete systems in a matter of minutes simply by connecting the modules you need. Modules communicate and exchange information and RF Streams among each other using the C700 Bus which also handles all timing & synchronization functions, meaning that you don’t need to worry about anything except your design.

Modules are 100% Plug & Play, can be fully controlled from your PC (Windows/Linux), System level Software (Matlab, Labview, GNU Radio) or programmed directly (Programming Languages include C, VHDL and many others…)

The C700 allows you to build even the most complicated systems using its novel modular components. You can then control, automate and system test the entire set up directly from your system design software of choice.

C700 eliminates the time and effort you would need to integrate the various components required for research and educational prototypes. It allows designers to accelerate the move from design to verification and onto prototyping. Labs can be quickly updated to meet the fast changing needs of science and technology.

The C700 modular platform is backed up by SpectraTronix Engineering Services which allows designers to turn their C700 set up into a working field deployable product within a few weeks. This eliminates your cost and time for System Engineering, PCB Design, RF Design, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing costs.

SpectraTronix also have innovative products including:

MIMO Testbeds

A scalable MIMO Testbed based on the C700 platform which provides its RF modules with a common clock and shared local oscillator to enable phase coherent requirements.

FMCW Testbed

A fast sweep FMCW Testbed based on the C700 platform which allows fast sweep rates up to 1GHz per millisecond and supporting simple configurations as well as switched-beam antennas setup for range measurements and position tracking.

Channel Sounder

Nowadays, Channel modelling and real measurements are indispensable for wireless system design. It is the wireless channel that determines the ultimate performance limits of any communication system. Channel frequency selectivity, Multi-path delays and other factors affect the channel capability to support high and broad-band data rates.

Spectratronix provides a versatile RF channel sounder based on its C700 modular platform which brings about several channel sounding methods required by todays researchers.