Wireless Point-to-Point Links

10gb wireless millimeter wave

RF Com Ltd are able to provide 1Gbps and 10Gbps wireless point-to-point millimetre wave links. 

RF Com are able to provide access to a live web link interface to view a live link in operation,  and can also provide a link budget calculator

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PPC-10G - 10Gbps wireless point-to-point link

The PPC-10G is a world first technology. It is the world’s first 10Gbps wireless point-to-point link.

It operates at E-Band and Q-Band, and is a true full duplex wireless link, IP and out-door unit. It has been designed to meet the growing market demand for high data rate solutions, with the future of 5G and IoT around the corner.

It has many applications such as -

  • 4G/5G/LTE Backhaul
  • Enterprise Networks (University Campus’, Banks, Hotels, Businesses, etc.)
  • IPTV
  • Wireless ISP backbone

and it can even augment fibre networks, as this is the first wireless technology with data rates comparable with fibre optics.

The PPC-10G is based on state-of-the-art MMIC chips, which support QAM 256 (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) in digital data radio communications.  ELVA-1 has pioneered the implementation of QAM 256 technology for E-band to achieve the best spectrum efficiency in the industry.

Using QAM 256, PPC-10G requires only 2 GHz of bandwidth for its 10Gpbs data rate. 

The PPC-10G was announced in this press release.

Download the PPC-10G wireless millimetre wave  datasheet.

The following videos give an overview of the PPC-10G by Daniel Korneev (CTO & Director of Elva-1), filmed at the Elva-1 stand at the Mobile World Congress - Barcelona.