Hermetic Connectors and Packaging

Hermetic connectors

Hermetic Connectors, Feedthrus and Packaging

SRI Hermetics was founded on the principle of using advanced engineering and material science to create the world’s leading hermetic electrical connectors and electronic packaging solutions. Since their inception, they have developed and introduced many new technologies to the industry, setting new performance standards and displacing the traditional methods of glass to ferrous alloy sealing.

Their exclusive ceramic dielectric material, Ceramax, is one of the core technologies used to produce our advanced connector line. Ceramax is a multi-phase devitrified ceramic compound used as a direct replacement for glass. When fused to copper alloy or stainless steel contacts, Ceramax seals provide superior hermetic reliability in environments that would simply destroy competing products.

The ability to join dissimilar metals through the use of advanced processes such as explosion welding, vacuum brazing, diffusion bonding and laser welding is another core technology area that SRI Hermetics has developed for the manufacturing of high performance hermetic assemblies.

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