Phase Shifters

RF Com have worked with Cobham Signal and Control Systems for many years, they are an excellent source for custom PIN diode and GaAsFET based digital phase shifters.

With complete design and test capability to 40 GHz, they have the resources to help you develop a new design, build to an existing specification or replace an obsolete component. From commercial to space qualified, we can help.

All phase shifters are available with hermetic seal and high-rel screening for mil and space qualified applications. If additional functionality is required, we can integrate a wide variety of components and functions such as limiters, amplifiers, attenuators, combiners/dividers, switches, filters, detectors, etc.

Additional capabilities include microprocessor control and monitoring, RF signal monitoring and power supply conditioning.

Type Supplier
Analog Phase Shifter Cobham Signal and Control Systems
Digitally Controlled Phase Shifters Cobham Signal and Control Systems