Our ranges of microwave multipliers utilizes all of the latest Microwave and Millimeter wave technology.

Products offered are based on GaAs PHEMT, MESFET, IMFET & Microwave MMIC devices, utilizing thin-film technology. We use balanced, distributed and feedback designs in multi-octave and narrow band amplifiers, multipliers, subsystems and converters. Our products span the frequency spectrum from 0.1 GHz all the way up to 96 GHz. 

Product experience covers: Airborne Defence platforms, Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft, Ground and Satellite Communications, Digital Radio, Radar, ELINT, Test and Measurement Equipment, TWT Drivers and Antenna Arrays.

Also available are Impatt Active Frequency Multipliers covering 25-150 GHz.

  • Millimeter wave frequency synthesizers
  • Power sources
  • Electronic tuned power sources
  • Spectroscopy/Radiometry
  • Digital Radio 
  • Superb efficiency
  • High output power
  • Low spurious harmonic content
  • Small size of the module