Millimeter Wave Instrumentation

Millimeter Wave Instrumentation

Elva-1 design and manufacture Millimetre Wave Instrumentation up to 1.1THz.

BWO Fast Sweep Oscillators (33-170 GHz)

Power Meter DPM (220 GHz)

Scalar Network Analyzer (220 GHz)

Voltage Controlled Oscillators (180 GHz)

Millimeter Wave BWO Sweeper (33-170 GHz)

94GHz Frequency Synthesizer (GPIB Controlled)

MMW Power Modulated Sources (150 GHz)

Swept Signal Oscillators (170-1100 GHz)

Power Supply for BWO Tubes

Ku-band Digitally Controlled MER-VCO Synthesizer (150 GHz)

IMPATT Injection-Locked Amplifiers (150 GHz)