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ASB Inc. has an R&D design center for MMIC circuit and RF module simulation. The circuit simulation and layout software includes commercially available ADS, Cadence, etc. on PC-based environment.

By using self-contained design capability we develop the MMICs, the SMD-type RF modules, and microwave sub-modules up to 30 GHz aiming at the commercial markets such as DTV, DVB/DMB, CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, GPS, WLAN, CATV, WiBro/WiMAX and so on. 

The company owns about 100 patents, related to a world-level proven heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) technology and MMIC design, and also has circuit design engineers with 5~20 years experience. The company is mainly using SiGe HBT and BiCMOS, InGaP HBT, and InGaAs Enhanced-mode pHEMT technologies and will expand into analog & mixed-signal IC to challenge a fast growing IT market.

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MMIC Amplifier

ASB Inc MMIC Amplifier

LNA Module

ASB Inc LNA Module

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ASB Inc Power Amplifier

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ASB Inc PLL Synthesiser Module


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Millimeter MMIC

Arralis design and manufacture the Tucana: 94GHz Chipset.

Developing leading edge MMICs means Arralis can offer cutting edge sub-systems and complete RF front-ends to our customers.

The Arralis Tucana range of modules consist of individual function modules (HPA, MPA, LNA, X4) as well as 92-96GHz Transmit and Receive modules with convenient WR10 antenna connections and SMA x-band connections for signal inputs and outputs.

The transmitter and receiver sub-systems enable rapid breadboard of radar products.

The devices are supplied as die and enable the realisation of a complete 92-96GHz radar system front end with C/X band inputs and W-band outputs.

Current applications include - autonomous automotive, helicopter landing, space and massive data rate wireless communications.

The MMICs are all compatible with conventional die attach methods, as well as thermo-compression and thermosonic wire bonding, making them ideal for MCM and hybrid microcircuit applications.

The Arralis Tucana range of multi-stage MMIC devices are fabricated on a robust gallium arsenide 50um substrate.

Medium Power Amplifier 92-96GHz TU-W1320301 13dB gain, 12dBm
Medium Power Amplifier 95-105GHz TU-W1320301 20dB gain, 16dBm
SPST 85-94GHz TU-W1401501 >10dB Isolation, <1.7dB IL
SPST 85-100GHz TU-W1401501-SPS >20dB Isolation, <2dB IL
SPDT 92-96GHz TU-W1401502 <5dB IL, >15dB Isolation, >8dB OPEN RL
SP3T 98-104GHz TU-W1401503 <5.5dB IL, >15dB Isolation, >6dB OPEN RL
LNA 92-96GHz TU-W1320301 20dB Gain, 60mA
Mixer 92-96GHz TU-W1340307 (Image Reject)15-17dB conversion loss, >20dBc IR, >30dBc LO Isolation
Mixer 92-96GHz TU-W1340308 (Transconductance) 4dB conversion loss, >40dBc 2nd Harmonic
ATT 85-100GHz TU-W1401501-ATT 2 – 20dB attenuation (-1.5V to 1.5V)
HPA 89-93GHz TU-W1330305 >10dB gain, 19dBm
HPA 92-96GHz TU-W1330305 >10dB gain, 19dBm