From Intelliconnect, we can offer a top quality connector design and manufacturing service, styles include ABMS, BMA, SMA and TNC. Intelliconnect also offer millimetre wave connectors, waterproof styles, multi pin coaxial and Triax connectors.

Intelliconnect manufacture exclusively in USA/UK and turn new designs around quicker than anybody else. Their quality and on-time-delivery record is excellent.

They are easy to deal with, innovative and passionate about providing unsurpassed service levels to their customers.

Pisces Waterproof Series Range

Intelliconnect - Pisces

Standard Co-Axial Range

Intelliconnect - Standard

MM Wave Range

3.5mm max operating frequency 34GHz (mechanically compatible with 2.92mm and SMA connector series)

 Intelliconnect – 3.5mm

2.92mm max operating frequency 25GHz (mechanically compatible with 3.5mm and SMA connector series)

Intelliconnect – 2.92mm

2.4mm max operating frequency 50GHz (mechanically compatible with 1.85mm connector series)

Intelliconnect – 2.4mm

1.85mm max operating frequency 65GHz (mechanically compatible with 2.4mm connector series)

 Intelliconnect – 1.85mm
 1.0mm max operating frequency 110GHz

Intelliconnect – 1.0mm


Multipin Range

Intelliconnect – Multipin

Triaxial Range

Intelliconnect – Triaxial

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Commercial Range

Intelliconnect – Commercial

Dustcaps Range

Intelliconnect – Dustcaps



For Extremely Tough and Rugged Hermetic Connectors, Feedthrus and Packaging please refer to our Hermetic products section within our Product Listing.