RF Com have a number off Antenna products, these include standard broadband gain horns up to 40 GHz.

From Elva-1 we have excellent millimetre wave horns all the way up to 400 GHz.

For telecom applications we also have from Elva, Cassegrain dual reflector antennas.

An extremely wide range of millimeter antenna products are available from MI Wave, including:

  • Omni Directional to 110 GHz
  • Conical Horns to 220 GHz
  • Wide Angle Scalar Feed Horns to 110 GHz
  • Prime Focus Antennas to 140 Ghz
  • Scalar Feed Horns to 110 Ghz
  • Orthomode Transducers to 110 GHz
  • Circular Polarizers to 110 Ghz
  • Linear Circular Switchable Polarizers