Our Partners

A-INFO was founded in 2000 and they focus on Antenna, Microwave/RF components and related services.

A-INFO is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and maintains a stringent quality control process allowing them to provide high-end products which meet the requirements of the military, aerospace, and other high-reliability applications.

A-INFO products have competitive advantages in three important areas:

  • Quality - We offer reliable, consistent, good quality products. ISO 9001-2008.
  • Price - Thanks to their strict cost control management, we are able to offer high quality products at prices well below that of their closest competitors.
  • Delivery - Thanks to a very high standard of inventory management A-Info can provide the vast majority of their products within 1-4 weeks.

As well as the standard products offered, A-Info can also offer customization. Small quantities for prototyping can be produced, this can be done competitively and on short lead times, initial responses will be provided within 48 Hours.

A-INFO is proud to be a reliable supplier for all your Microwave, RF and Antenna requirement.

Advanced Semiconductor Business
ASB are located in South Korea, they are a relatively new addition to the RF Com group of principles. However in the time that we have worked with them they have been very impressive in the level of support they have offered and during visits our customers  have been very positive in their response.

ASB produce MMIC’s and RF Modules for Mobile wireless, Optical, Cable and Sattelite TV, GPS, RFID, ISM, PTP Radio Link and Military applications.

Their products include, Gain Block Amps, LNA’s, Medium Power Amps, Wideband amps, Trans Impedance amps, PLL Synthesizers and Digital Attenuators.

The product range is up to 20 GHz, with testing facilities up to 50 GHz.

Recent additions to he range are X and Ku Band amplifiers at 2 and 4 Watts.

KDI Resistor Products
Market-leading manufacturer of AIN & BEO ‘chip’ products. Standard catalogues devices are:-
Cable Load Assemblies, Chip’ Attenuators & Terminations, High-power ‘Flange’ Attenuator & Terminations, Choice of Aluminum-nitride or Beryllium-oxide construction.

Aldetec Inc.
Aldetec design and manufacture a wide range of microwave amplifier and multiplier products from 20MHz to 33GHz, utilizing the latest technology to provide the highest performance available. Whether engineering prototypes or large scale programs, Aldetec has the expertise to accommodate most amplifier requirements.

Aldetec also provides full engineering support for today's complex RF and Mechanical requirements. We believe the key to their success is in providing a quality product with a focus on total customer commitment from the design phase through to delivery. Their workforce is comprised of industry veterans with a minimum of 10 years experience in the microwave field.

RF Com have worked with Aldetec since the year 2000. In that time their products have been designed into many major manufacturers systems, these would include BAE, Thales, Selex and Astrium. 

API Technologies Inmet
Inmet were founded in 1994 and since that time have continued to supply high quality, good value RF and Microwave components. These include Attenuators, Terminations, Adaptors, DC Blocks and Bias Tees. The parts are RoHs compliant, range from DC-65 GHz and are used widely within the Commercial, Military,Photonics, Wireless / Mobile Coms and Test and Measurement industries.

Inmet have recently created the Powerfilm range of surface and flange mounted Microwave Attenuators, Terminations and Resistors. The Powerfilm product line has evolved from the integration of KDI Electronics into Inmet.

RF Com has worked with both Inmet and KDI for many years and have found their products and service to be exceptional. We are very confident that in promoting them we are offering you the very best products available today.

Products from Inmet:  Adaptors, Attenuators, Bias Tees, Combiners, Splitters, DC-Blocks, Delay Lines, Resistors, Terminations.

Arralis is a rapidly growing technology company, providing world leading expertise in RF, micro and millimetre-wave technology. They excel in Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs), packaged component modules, proprietary antenna technology and integrated Radar and Communications front-end platforms.

Cobham Signal and Control Solutions
Previously Aeroflex Control Components and originally Advanced Control Components.

RF Com have worked with the company since 2001 and in that time found them to be an excellent supplier of components and subsystems. Their design engineering teams have worked with BAE, Thales, Astrium etc. and their products are currently used within many military, aerospace and commercial systems throughout the world.

Their products include;

Switches / Switch Matrices, Attenuators, Limiters, Detectors, Phase Shifters, Couplers, Dividers, Integrated Microwave Assemblies, Subsystems and Solid State Control Components.

Compex Corp
RF Com have received a very good level of support from Compex since we started working with them 2 years ago. The feedback that we have had from our customer in regard to product quality and service has been excellent.

Compex specialise in providing Single Layer Components to the RF, Microwave, Telecoms and Fibre Optics Industries.

Compex provide a broad range of High Quality of Single Layer capacitors, Submounts and Mounting Shorts. Compex build all   their parts to their customers demanding standards. Length, width, thickness, capacitance and metallization can be optimised to provide the ideal component for your application.

Lead times are typically short at 3-4 weeks and they are generally very good at offering samples for evaluation.

Capacitor Product Range includes:

  • CSA Series – Edge-to-Edge Capacitors
  • CSM Series – Margin Capacitors
  • CSB series – Dual Pad Chip capacitors
  • CRO/CRM series – Row capacitors
  • CSX Series – Multiple-Value Custom Capacitors
  • CAD Series – Step-Adjustable Binary Array capacitors
  • SBMT Series –Submounts
  • MST Series – Alumina Mounting Shorts

Dapu Telecom
Established in 2005, Dapu Telecom is an industry-leading supplier of high-stability clock/frequency products and solutions. As a national high-tech enterprise, Dapu Telecom has more than 200 employees. All R&D staff have at least 5 years' experience designing or working with crystal oscillators, clock modules, clock chips, or frequency equipment. R&D staff comprise 30% of Dapu's total workforce. Dapu’s products and solutions are widely used in the areas of communication networks, electric power, banking, healthcare, industrial control, military and others.

Dapu have R & D centres located in Dongguan, Shanghai and California. They hold a large number of patents and much emphasis is placed on raw material research as well as IC integration and compensation algorithms.

Elva were founded in 1993 and since that time have grown to be a major supplier of Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter components, subsystems and test equipment. Elva can offer components up to 200 GHz and Millimeter measurement and instrumentation products up to 1200 GHz.

Elva have a strong design and development team who regularly work with Research Groups and Universities throughout the world.

The list of customers includes major names in science and research from all over the world: JET (UK) -, General Atomics (USA), National Institute of Standard and Technology (USA), TRW (USA), FOM Institute (The Netherlands), University of Kiel (Germany), Centre D'Etudes de Cadarache (France), Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics (Taiwan), South-West Institute of Physics (China), Siemens, CERN - Accelerator in Switzerland, Max Planck Institut fur Plasmaphysik, Australian National University, Cornell University (USA), Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK).

Since 2000 Elva has expanded its product range to mm-wave telecom products, such as 42GHz, 60GHz and 94GHz transmitters and receivers, antennas with high gain factor and other advanced products. Applications for these products include mm-wave industrial measurement systems, 10\100Mbps Ethernet wireless LAN bridges, MVDS out-door units (transmitters and receivers), and LMDS communication systems, radar front-ends, microwave level sensors, spectroscopy equipment and other innovative areas.

RF Com have represented Elva since 2003 and in that time have found them to be a very knowledgeable and conscientious supplier. Their understanding of the millimetre field makes them an excellent partner for collaboration.

Their products include:

  • IMPATT Diodes
  • Backward Wave Oscillators (BWO)
  • Cavity Stabilized IMPATT Sources
  • Active Frequency Multipliers
  • Cavity Stabilized Gunn Sources
  • Voltage Controlled Sources
  • Noise Sources
  • Voltage Controlled Attenuators
  • Ferrite Circulators and Isolators
  • Directional Couplers
  • Waveguide Transitions,
  • Bends and other waveguide components
  • BWO Generators
  • Matched Loads
  • Balanced Mixers
  • Detectors

RF Com have worked with Intelliconnect since their formation in 2004. They are a very responsive and focused group of people. Our customers have benefited from Intelliconnects’ quality and service driven attitude.

Intelliconnect are a somewhat different connector and cable assembly company. Unlike many larger connector ‘manufacturers’, they make all of their finished product in their own factories in the UK and USA. The component parts are also sourced locally in Europe and the USA.

Their product ranges include, Coaxial, Millimeter Wave, Coaxial Waterproof, Triaxial and Multipin in Coaxial Bodies

Their design and prototyping service is unrivalled in terms of both value and time. They have no NRE (design engineering charge) and in many cases can offer free samples.

Their on-time delivery record is 97%

Because they have a very strong, tightly controlled supply chain, expert process
management, an innovative and vigilant design team and specialist manufacturing group, their Quality is designed in. They have an outstanding record of providing defect free product. (Zero defects in USA and 0.001% worldwide since 2005).

JQL Electronics
JQL Electronics, is a leading designer and manufacturer of RF and Microwave devices, including filters, isolators & circulators, directional couplers, power divider/combiners, hybrids and terminations.

These high performance components are used within a wide range of applications, such as Wireless, Public Safety, Satellite and Radar. JQL has design centres and manufacturing facilities in the USA and China.

JQL has an engineering and technical support team that has the knowledge and experience in designing products that can meet both high performance requirements and aggressive cost targets.
JQL has strong production capability to deliver its products. Our lead time is among the shortest in the industry. We keep a large quantity of material in stock, and produce our own ferrite in house, which helps us control cost, quality, and lead time.

Our excellent customer service is another key factor contributing to our success. We have a strong dedicated in- house sales and support team, this is coupled with an excellent network of top class sales and technical partners around the world, who provide an unrivalled service.

Microwave Dynamics
RF Com has worked with Microwave dynamics for over 10 years, in that time they have proven to be a solid supplier of top quality products and have provided a very good level of support.

Microwave Dynamics (MD) is a world leader in high-precision microwave and millimeter wave components. Incorporated in 1993, MD designs and manufactures free running and phase-locked oscillators, amplifiers, frequency converters, and frequency multipliers for the industrial, aerospace, and defence sectors.

With applications on land, sea, air and space, MD products are designed to perform under extreme environmental conditions, such as intense shock vibration and high temperature variance. Designs are geared to maximize stability and minimize noise.

Microwave Dynamics operates out of a brand new, non-segregated 10,000 square foot facility. They are capable of both hybrid and discrete assembly, using a wide range of test and measurement systems. Their facility includes a 10K and a 100k lab to ensure an ultra-clean and static-free manufacturing environment. They employ cutting-edge manufacturing methods enabling high-volume production

They are ISO 9001:2008 Certified and was awarded AS9100:2009 Aerospace Standard Certification in March 2013 by DNV Auditors.

RD Microwaves
All of RD Microwaves products are designed and manufactured at their facility in New Jersey, USA. They specialise in passive RF and Microwave components with an emphasis on low PIM performance for DAS / Networking and Public Safety applications.
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RF and Noise Components
RF Com has worked with RF and Noise since the company was formed in 2004. Since then we have supplied many customers with a wide variety of Isolators and Circulators. RF and Noise have a strong design capability as well as having a large range of standard products. Many of these standard products are derived from designs done by DML Microwave, formerly Densitron Microwave.

Their engineers are experienced at designing for small, medium and large volume applications and can offer cost effective solutions for a particular project. Many of their designs are currently used within Telecom OEM’s systems, Defence, Commercial Ground Radar systems and Television Broadcast applications.

Designs include Coaxial, Surface Mount and Drop In from 300 MHz to 20 GHz. Waveguide styles from 7 GHz to 20 GHz are also available.

Sivers Labs
The key personnel at RF Com have been involved with Sivers Lab for well over 20 years, they are without doubt the most expert of companies involved in the Rotary Joint field.

Sivers Lab was established in 1951 and are now a world leader in the waveguide and coaxial  rotary joint and waveguide switch arena. Their design, test and production facilities are state of the art and include equipment for High Power Testing, Vibration, Burn In, Temp Cycling and Low Noise Measurements.

Sivers supply Rotary joints into the following markets.

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Satellite Communications Ground Stations
  • Military Radar Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Electronic Countermeasure Systems

Sivers can provide complex Rotary Joint assemblies, these include Slip Ring, Optical and Power capability.

SpectraTronix has developed many novel products and services for RF & System Level Design, Development, Prototyping as well as Test & Measurement. Giving educators, researchers and developers everywhere access to a unique set of tools and services.

SRI Hermetics
SRI Hermetics was founded on the principle of using advanced engineering and material science to create the world’s leading hermetic electrical connectors and electronic packaging solutions. Since their inception, they have developed and introduced many new technologies to the industry, setting new performance standards and displacing the traditional methods of glass to ferrous alloy sealing.

Their exclusive ceramic dielectric material, Ceramax, is one of the core technologies used to produce our advanced connector line. Ceramax is a multi-phase devitrified ceramic compound used as a direct replacement for glass. When fused to copper alloy or stainless steel contacts, Ceramax seals provide superior hermetic reliability in environments that would simply destroy competing products.

The ability to join dissimilar metals through the use of advanced processes such as explosion welding, vacuum brazing, diffusion bonding and laser welding is another core technology area that SRI Hermetics has developed for the manufacturing of high performance hermetic assemblies.

For full details of all SRI Hermetic products and some interesting video footage of destructive connector testing and explosive welding techniques, please click on heading or logo.

The Waveguide Solution
The Waveguide Solution [TWS] has a legacy off manufacturing high quality waveguide assemblies for well over 50 years.

They are located in a purpose built facility, where they produce a wide variety of waveguide components for ship, aircraft, satellite, medical, radar and communication systems. The site also has dedicated microwave testing facilities, clean assembly areas, mechanical inspection areas and a comprehensive machining facility.

The company is approved to ISO 9001 2000.

Products include:

  • WG- Coax Adaptors
  • Horn Antennas
  • Fixed / Variable Attenuators
  • Flexible waveguide
  • Couplers
  • Flanges
  • Loads and terminations
  • Pressure Windows
  • Shorts Twists and Bends
  • Tapers
  • Tee Junctions
  • Satcom Components
  • Terrestrial Link Components

Tru Corp
Tru Corp provide us with a complete range of cable assemblies available with most RF connectors as well as their own threadless Quick Connect / Disconnect series off connectors.

In addition Tru Corp can supply their special Hi-Power Test and Measurement Cable Kits and precision adaptors.

Wasa Millimeter Wave AB
Wasa are a company which has spun out from the Chalmers Institute in Gothenburg Sweden. They are a group of highly qualified and experienced engineers and scientists with a great depth of knowledge in the Millimeter field.

Their expertise is in the Millimeter and Terahertz Wave area, where they have products such as:

  • Amplifiers
    • 70-110 GHz     22dBm o/p
    • 88-95 GHz     27dBm o/p
    • 79-85 GHz     29dBm o/p
  • Multipliers and Extenders – 315 GHz
  • Sources [PLO and Gunn] – 287 GHz
  • Mixers

Wright Technologies
RF Com have worked with the founders of Wright Tech since 2001. They are a leading company within the Millimeter Amplifier field. 

Wright Tech utilizes the latest Microwave and Millimeter wave technology. Products are based on GaAs PHEMT, MESFET, IMFET & Microwave MMIC devices, utilizing thin-film technology. Wright Tech uses balanced, distributed and feedback designs in multi-octave and narrow band amplifiers, multipliers, subsystems and converters. Our products span the frequency spectrum from 0.1 GHz all the way up to 96 GHz. 

Wright Tech product experience covers: Airborne Defence platforms, Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft, Ground and Satellite Communications, Digital Radio, Radar, ELINT, Test and Measurement Equipment, TWT Drivers and Antenna Arrays. 

Wright Technologies, Inc. adheres to an established manufacturing process procedure based on MIL-STD-883. Quality System is based on ISO 9001:2008 and MIL-STD-9858. Their manufacturing process & procedures, apply to all products, both military and commercial.