SpectraTronix was formed by a team of RF/microwave designers, FPGA and embedded systems developers who had produced many' unique and Award Winning designs.

SpectraTronix has developed many novel products and services for RF & System Level Design, Development, Prototyping as well as Test & Measurement. Giving educators, researchers and developers everywhere access to a unique set of tools and services.

SpectraTronix Systems have been showcased all over the world in Conference & universities catering to Massive-MIMO, FMCW Research, SDR & Cognitive Radio, Medical Research, 4G/5G Wireless as well as Aerospace & Defense Applications.

The SpectraTronix C700 is a Modular RF System Level Development & Prototyping platform designed specifically to bring about speed and flexibility to RF, FPGA & System Designers. Allowing designers to test & Prototype RF designs without the overheard of integrating and troubleshooting different RF boards. The C700 is compatible with all major system level design tool, supports direct programming of its built-in FPGA & SoC processors as well PC control from GNU Radio, Matlab & LabView.

SpectraTronix Engineering Services are also aimed at educators, researchers and startups, using the C700 and seeking to further shorten their research & development cycles by providing:

  • Professional Design Services: Spanning Digital Design, Embedded System Design, PCB & RF System Design
  • Reusable & Custom VHDL IP Design
  • Prototype Manufacturing Services
  • C700 Module Customization Services (up to 30 GHz & Beyond)