RF Com appointed by A-Info

October 2019

RF Com are very pleased to have been appointed as UK sales partner by A-Info. They are a market leading designer and manufacturer of Microwave Antennas, Components and Sub-Systems. They are a major player in the Defence, Aerospace, Communications and Research sectors. More details here.

QL Electronics become RF Com partner

June 2018

RF Com are very pleased to have been appointed as UK sales partner by JQL Electronics.

JQL are a market leading designer and manufacturer of Microwave Filters, Circulators / Isolators and Hybrid Combiners.

They are a major player in the Wireless, Public Safety, Satcom and Defence sectors.

New contract in New Doha

May 2018

RF Com have been awarded a major contract to supply Specialist Low Pim  Components for the New Doha [Qatar] Metro System.

These components are being deployed within the secure communications systems. The design and manufacture of these parts has been conducted by our partner company RD Microwave based in NJ USA.

Further details of the project here

Please have a look at our Partners page for more information on RD Microwaves cutting edge PIM designs.

10Gb point to point radios city-wide in a week

April 2018

Worlds first 10 Gigabit Point to Point Radios can be deployed to provide an entire city wide internet network within 7 days using our new Dynamic Routing.

This technology is available now and can seamlessly be used as a lower cost, faster deployed alternative to fibre.


March 2018

RF Com have successfully become Certified to ISO9001:2015.

For a copy of our certificate please download from here.

SpectraTronix become RF Com partner

May 2017

We're delighted to announce our latest partner - SpectraTronix.  They have a unique set of RF and Microwave development and prototyping tools :

The SpectraTronix C700 is a Modular RF System Level Development & Prototyping platform designed specifically to bring about speed and flexibility to RF, FPGA & System Designers. Allowing designers to test & Prototype RF designs without the overheard of integrating and troubleshooting different RF boards. The C700 is compatible with all major system level design tool, supports direct programming of its built-in FPGA & SoC processors as well PC control from GNU Radio, Matlab & LabView.

For educational purposes, the C700 system provides an unrivalled teaching tool for anyone within the RF/Microwave and Wireless sectors. It provides enhanced understanding of both basic and complex circuits, is easy to use and provides great cost and time savings.

Please have a look at the website for a full appreciation of just what the C700 system is capable of.

MWC17 overview

March 2017

Click here for Harris Cains’ overview of a great few days at #MWC17 on the Elva-1 stand #PPC-10G #10Gbps.

PPC-10G videos

March 2017

The following videos are an overview of the PPC-10G, the world’s first commercially available 10 Gbps wireless point to point link. It operates at E-Band & Q-Band, using 2GHz of spectrum to achieve a full duplex 10 Gbps link. For more info, please email Harris directly at –




Connexin and RFCom deploy first commerical PPG-10G

February 2017

RF Com are very excited to be working with Connexin in deploying and trialling the first commercial PPC-10G in the UK. Connexin have confirmed that they have achieved 10 Gbps full duplex throughput at a range of 700m. The PPC-10G can achieve a much further range of 2.1km in the UK at 99.99% availability. The PPC-10G is commercially available to trial and purchase now, please contact RF Com for more information –

Read the press release here.


Angie Networks 10 Gigabit Wireless agreement

October 2016

Angie Networks

Maarsbergen, Netherlands – October 25, 2016 – Angie Networks Limited, a new entrant to the telecoms market and part of the world's largest telecoms start-up, today announced that the company has entered into an agreement with RF Com Limited, the agent for UK and Europe of Elva-1, the world’s pioneering and leading mm-wave R&D firm, for the delivery of multiple million pounds worth of equipment to deploy as part of Angie’s upcoming ubiquitous wireless Internet networks in the UK and globally.

Read full press release.

On the Angie Neworks site.


PPC-10G Launch Event – Worlds First 10Gbps wireless point to point link revealed

August 2016


RF Com along with our partners Elva-1 launched the world’s first commercially available 10Gbps wireless point-to-point link on Wednesday the 3rd of August at Tower Hotel London.

The director of Elva-1, Daniel Korneev, presented the information to our attendees, showing the rich experience Elva-1 have in the millimetre-wave field and how it has enabled them to release the worlds first 10Gbps wireless point to point link.

We had a live demonstration of the link on the day. The link was setup on the roof of The Tower Hotel, transmitting to the other radio unit over the Thames.

We were extremely pleased with the turn out on the day, with many experts in the industry attending from leading WISP’s, mobile operators, fibre companies and wireless consultancy companies.

If you would like any information on the PPC-10G link (data sheet, presentation from the day or link budget calculator) please contact


RFCOM in Electronics Weekly

July 2016

Electronics WeeklyWe're in the news!  Electronics Weekly has a story about RFCom demonstrating 10Gb wireless in London, and a few quotes from our very own Ian Cains.

Read the item here.


RF Com  now supplying world’s first 10Gbps wireless millimetre wave point-to-point link (PPC-10G)

March 2016


RF Com are pleased to announce we are able to provide the world’s first 10Gbps wireless millimetre wave point-to-point link (PPC-10G). It has been designed and developed by our partner company Elva-1.

The PPC-10G is the first commercially available 10Gbps wireless P2P millimetre wave link in the world.

The PPC-10G is available in E-Band at 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz, this band is covered by a light licence from Ofcom in the UK. It is also available at 40-5 – 43.5 GHz [Q-Band].

Some of the Point to Point applications for the PPC-10G include, 4G/LTE Backhaul, Corporate Campus Networks, IPTV and Wireless ISP Backbone.

QAM 254 technology means only 2 GHz of bandwidth is required for full 10 Gbps data rate.

It has a range of up to 4.4Km in the UK and up to 13.1Km in the Middle East, using Adaptive Code and Modulation this allows the link to obtain the highest data rate for the climatic conditions, this gives a reliable link even in heavy rainfall or sand storms.

Up to Four PPC-10G parallel links can be installed in the same location and combined to give a 40 Gbps channel with no mutual interference.

The PPC-10G link is now available for trial, this will allow you to test the PPC-10G in your own networks for up to 3 months. The PPC-10G is also available for purchase and monthly rental.