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Attenuators - Passive

Inmet's line-up of RF Coaxial Fixed Attenuators offers:

  • 12 different connector types.
  • Frequency ranges of DC to 50 GHz.
  • Attenuation values of 0 to 60 dB.
  • Power handling from 0.5 to 300W.

Click on shaded area below to choose the options with your specific connector type, frequency and power rating.

GHz DC-1.5DC-2.5DC-4 DC-6 DC-7.5DC-12.4DC-18DC-23DC-26.5DC-40DC-50
F 75Ω 2W 2W                  
7/16 300W 300W 300W 100W 50W            
BNC 100W 100W 100W                
N 300W 300W 300W 100W 50W 50W 50W        
TNC 300W 300W 300W 100W 50W 50W 50W        
SMA 300W 300W 300W 100W 50W 50W 50W 2W      
SMB 2W 2W 2W                
2.9mm 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W  
GPO™/SMP 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W    
2.4mm .5W .5W .5W .5W .5W .5W .5W .5W .5W .5W .5W
1.85mm 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W

Power handling capabilities shown are MAXIMUM for the respective frequencies and connector types.  Contact us for specific lower power vs. frequency applications.


Attenuators - active

Standard Digital Attenuators Cobham Signal and Control Series
Pin Diode Attenuators Cobham Signal and Control GT Series

Low PIM versions of these devices and other products are available, for details of these please go to our RD Microwaves page

Active attenuators


Aeroflex also produce custom attenuator-based multi-function assemblies to 40GHz. They can integrate a variety of components and functions such as limiters, amplifiers, switches, combiners/dividers, filters, detectors, etc.

Additional features include temperature compensation, microprocessor control and monitoring, RF signal monitoring, and power supply conditioning. Contact us to discuss your design and application.

Surface and Flange Mount Attenuators

Please see Surface Mount - Terminations, Attenuators, Resistors, Capacitors.